Astrology - How to Find Your Soul-Mate, Stars and Destiny - Sagittarius : November 22 - December 20

Ligia Balu

Over 400 pages. Book Size - 8.5 X 11. LIGIA BALU presents a complete Astrology Guide that includes an introduction to ASTROLOGY, LOVE-SIGNS - INTRODUCTION TO RELATIONSHIPS AND COMPATIBILITIES, THE TWELVE HOUSES OF THE SOULS, THE INFLUENCE OF THE PLANETS, THE MOON SIGNS, MOON SIGN TABLES, and NUMEROLOGY. LIGIA BALU blends the wisdom of the ancient astrologers together with her insight of discovering your destiny, fulfilling your fantasies, and finding your soul mate. This book provides the stepping-stones to unlocking the mysteries of Astrology. Through LIGIA BALUS sensitivities, the reader comes to understand the influence of the stars on our very lives. LIGIA BALU explains not only how the stars lead us to our destinies but why we make the decisions we do, why we are attracted to certain people and certain situations, and why we face the challenge in our daily lives of overcoming our individual problems. LIGIA BALU provides us with an understanding of ourselves and of other people. She explains how to recognize your soul mate, how to become more compatible with others, and most importantly, how to be happier and more content through an understanding of your own destiny. The stars lead us and guide us, influencing us daily, and challenging us with obstacles that mold us into the people we become. Learn to read the future and how to make better decisions through the stars.